Yacca Overseas
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How Yacca Work

Our Strategic Partnerships, Tailored Solution and Screening Processes

Strategic Partnerships and Tailored Solutions

YACCA is supported by exalted clients across different parts of Asia to whom we provide expert manpower solutions throughout the year.

Our specialized recruitment teams are well versed with each industry we cater to and efficiently source best talent in the industry. We maintain a high quality talent pool in form of digitally maintained resume database and gather additional candidates through job posting and advertisements on popular job portals and National Daily Newspapers.

Client satisfaction is our top most priority and we make sure the employer and the employee are in proper harmony before appointment. We arrange for face-to-face interviews or internet video conferencing between clients and candidates to facilitate a better understanding.

We believe in quality rather than volumes, so we strive to provide better results to keep our employers happy. That is our ultimate reward and we are confident that will bring us more qualified business in future.

For training & testing skilled workers, we have trade test centers across Nepal where we are equipped with modern tools & techniques to get high end technical skill tradesmen for our employer worldwide.

Screening Process

YACCA has successfully sent candidates to fill vacancies across the GCC & East Asia, where they have worked on some of the most prestigious construction projects. Happily, our reputation for providing a professional and highly effective service has traveled with them.


Scope of Trade Tests

Parameters and scope of Trade testing are finalized. Site materials, testing & measuring equipments are procured at testing sites.


Past Exposure

Candidate profiles are scrutinized in detail and our consultant will assess the past exposure and experience in the specific skill required.


HR Assessment

Trade tests are followed up with a HR interview to assess personal traits and behavior. This is the fourth step of screening.


Candidate Orientation

All trade candidates are well prepared for the work place to ensure that they start work on a site the moment they are deployed.


Medical Examinations

To ensure fitness for the trade selected are conducted prior to the signing of contract eliminates health issues on site.


Project Requirements

Details of the project are discussed with the line managers with specific regard to the skills required.